Vat agency services


To facilitate sales in Sweden and the EU, the foreign company may choose to become VAT registered in Sweden. In fact this may be obligatory, such as with goods flows through the EU, for example, or working on a property. In situations like these, you need a VAT agent.

KGH A&V acts as a VAT agent for many companies, and can offer the same service in Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands and Belgium through contacts within the Group. VAT reporting is governed by the rules and regulations of Swedish Customs and the Swedish Tax Agency. KGH has expertise in both these areas.

Our services:

  • For foreign companies not established in Sweden, we offer VAT registration. We can also act as an agent for your company in dealings with the Swedish Tax Agency.
  • Fast, efficient reporting of Swedish VAT. We prepare VAT returns and periodic reports for your company.
  • Consultations regarding VAT on registration and in connection with goods flows within, to and from the EU.
  • Ongoing consultation, training and checking relating to your VAT transactions.

The rest of Europe

Does your company need a VAT registration in another EU country than Sweden? We offer VAT registration also in Denmark, Holland and Belgium. Through partners we can arrange contact to all other countries in Europe.