Year-end accounts and year-end report


When your financial year comes to an end, it has to be summarised in your year-end accounts. The level of detail depends on your company’s form, size and what kind of business you run. We help you through the entire process, until everything is reported and signed off.

Our services include:

  • Year-end accounts for limited companies, branches, limited partnerships, partnerships and sole proprietorships. The documents relating to your balance sheet items are analysed and recorded. If your company has an auditor, we provide complete documentation as a basis for the audit.
  • We help you analyse the results. Is it a good idea to make provisions into funds to delay taxation? As a small company, should you make extra provisions for your pension?
  • As an authorised accounting consultant, we can submit a year-end report. This certifies that your company’s accounting is in line with laws and regulations, and automatically gives you a higher credit rating with rating institutions and loan providers. A year-end report may be made regardless of company form, and may also be submitted as several interim reports.
  • We prepare an annual report containing the notes and key ratios that are necessary and characteristic to your company. Perhaps you need a cash flow statement?
  • We prepare your company’s income tax return, and also your own as the owner if required.
  • • We go through the accounts with you and look at relevant key ratios.