Company establishment and registration


Do you want to establish a company or introduce a product or service to Sweden and/or another EU country? KGH A&V provides all the services for your establishment, whether a limited company or a branch of your parent company.

We can help you analyse the conditions for your business concept. Perhaps you need a profit and liquidity budget ahead of a visit to the bank. Or to discuss which company form is best suited to your planned business activity. We translate theory into practice and help you with your establishment, whether you are a sole trader, a partnership or a limited company.

Do you need to VAT register your foreign company in Sweden, and/or register as an employer? With KGH on board, you have professional help with all the authority contacts you need to establish your company in Sweden/the EU.

Alongside our colleagues at KGH Customs, we offer:

  • Analysis and recommendations for the type of registration most favourable to your business. It may be enough for your foreign company to be VAT registered in Sweden. See Vat agency services for further information.
  • Establishment of the company and registration with the relevant authorities.
  • Advice on the rules for staff and payroll administration for employees abroad.
  • Import/export declarations, permit applications with Swedish Customs, consultations on goods flows across national borders.