Bookkeeping and monthly accounts


Many companies see bookkeeping as a necessary evil. In actual fact, it is a pivotal part of any company. It is an important foundation for the decisions you make about your business. Also, by law your accounts have to be prepared correctly to make sure that financial reports to authorities and external parties give a fair reflection of the true situation.

Our services include:

  • Ongoing bookkeeping for your company. We can provide a total service, or share the various tasks with your in-house staff. For instance, perhaps you would like to do your own invoicing and monitor customer ledgers. We divide the tasks as you prefer, and ideally use an online system for bookkeeping.
  • The accounting may be supplemented with accounting by project and department.
  • When the period comes to an end, we reconcile the accounts. Because we work to REKO standards, you and your stakeholders, such as the bank, can rely on the figures we produce. If anything is unclear, we keep you informed and help ensure the issue is resolved in the best way. Your balance sheet and income statement can be supplemented with the reports and key ratio analyses you require.
  • Authority contacts: With power of attorney, we can submit your tax returns and periodic summaries to the Swedish Tax Agency.