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Bookkeeping, reconciliation, financial statements and income tax return. VAT and tax consultation, payroll administration and general advice. These are our primary fields of operation. We are happy to share finance-related tasks with you, or we can help equip you to do the job in-house.

Below are some shortcuts to our most common assignments. If you can’t find what you need help with, feel free to ask so we can discuss the matter or put you in touch with someone else.

Company establishment and registration

Do you want to establish a company or introduce a product or service to Sweden and/or another EU country? KGH A&V provides all the services for your establishment, whether a limited company or a branch of your parent company.

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Bookkeeping and monthly accounts

Many companies see bookkeeping as a necessary evil. In actual fact, it is a pivotal part of any company. It is an important foundation for the decisions you make about your business. Also, by law your accounts have to be prepared correctly to make sure that financial reports to authorities and external parties give a fair reflection of the true situation.

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Year-end accounts and year-end report

When your financial year comes to an end, it has to be summarised in your year-end accounts. The level of detail depends on your company’s form, size and what kind of business you run. We help you through the entire process, until everything is reported and signed off.

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Payroll & HR

Working out an employee’s pay and tax isn’t always straightforward. A wide range of details need to be considered and the process calls for great precision. Also, the parameters are constantly shifting: legislation, collective agreements and amount thresholds are changing all the time.

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Consultations and training

For companies, staying updated on tax and VAT regulations can be a struggle. We are happy to do this, but we can also help you boost your own knowledge and manage your own transactions. Why not try one of our courses?

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Import & export

For Norwegian companies, the Swedish border is also the EU border. This places special requirements on documents when crossing the border.

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