Full service with a long reach

KGH A&V is a full-service payroll and accounting firm for Swedish and Norwegian companies. Thanks to our leading-edge expertise in cross-border businesses, our assignments are often broader than those of a traditional accountancy firm.

KGH A&V’s offices in Sweden and Norway have around 35 employees in total. Competence and quality are key principles for us. Our personnel include Authorised Accountants and Authorised Payroll Consultants.

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We work in line with Swedish REX standards for accounting services & Swedish SALK standards for payroll services. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2012. This means that we work in line with a standardised, quality-assured process, and have committed to the quality standards that prevail in our industry.

Read more about the authorisation of Accounting Consultants and Payroll Consultants on the SRF website.

Proper guidelines and decent people

Technology is all well and good, but personal service is just as important. As a customer of KGH A&V, you always have your own account manager. We work in line with quality-assured processes and have backup in the event of illness and holiday. All work is documented, ensuring that our collaboration can work as smoothly as possible.

So what about technology? We work online in your system or use our own. At our office we work with Swedish and Norwegian systems such as Mamut, Fortnox, Visma, Navision, Huldt & Lillevik and Hogia.

Bookkeeping and accounts:

Mamut: a comprehensive system with a wide variety of options that is quick to work in.
Fortnox: a web-based system that enables work tasks to be shared between the customer and agency.
Speedledger: a web-based system for small companies.
Visma and Navision: common systems among Norwegian customers.


Hogia Lön +: for Swedish payroll administration. To this we can connect Hogia Time & Attendance, an online time reporting system, and Hogia Resa, a web-based system for your travel-related accounts.
Huldt & Lillevik: for Norwegian payroll administration. Huldt & Lillevik’s Ansattportal (employee portal) and HR resurs reiseregning (resource for travel-related accounts) enable deviation reporting and registration of travel expenses online.

Reporting when you need it

If you’ve chosen an online system for your accounting, you can output your own reports directly from the accounts. You may also choose to retrieve your reports and analyses from our website. You can go right down to verification level to see what is behind the amount in a particular account. In addition to figures, your company’s accounts are presented in charts, and with key ratios. Moreover, the key ratios are described in an easily understandable way. It is also possible to set up a library of documents for your company, giving you permanent access to them. All you need is an internet connection and the address of our website.